Thursday, January 5, 2017

Where I hope to go with this blog.

The idea of keeping a blog, and maintaining a blog, is something that had never crossed my mind until Joe Bower passed away. I would often only find myself using Facebook once every two weeks, and Twitter maybe twice a week, and there were a number of years where my New Year's resolution was going to be to try to use social media more. I've said that two or three times, and failed every time. How did I arrive at this idea for keeping a blog if I seem inept at social media?

In a conversation we had near the end of the 2014-15 school year, Joe and I were talking about our summer plans: what we were looking forward to, what we had planned, and what we were going to do with all of our spare time. While i remember Joe making mention of plans to build a miniature ball diamond on his property that summer, he also talked about how he was looking forward to being able to put more time into his blog. He told me how keeping a blog, and keeping communication with all who actively use his blog is something that he really enjoyed. I'm not sure if I have this quote spot on, but he said something along the line of "Keeping a blog is the greatest PD for me as a teacher." I've hung on to those words, and this year i hope to put it to the test.

Where will my blog go from here? I really plan to stick to the "Nano" section of my title, and contrary to these opening entries, I hope to both shorten my blog entries into short bits that can be read in a matter of minutes, and divide my blog into a number of sections:
  • Neurology: Blog entries that are really interesting specific to neurology with very little pertinence to education.
  • Education: Articles on education that stand out as those interested in the brain, the mind, that are remotely related to the neurosciences will be placed here.
  • Neuroeducation: Articles that have a component of education and neurology will fall here. I truly hope that over 50% of my blog entries end up here.
  • Book Review: If I have recently read a book that really helped me to better understand a component of neurosciences, I will place my brief synopsis of the book in this section.
  • Games for the Brain: We now live in a time where there are many teenagers who can log a multitude of hours playing one video game. I hope to use this section to really promote some of the great board games and card games that I use with students (and my children) to really push their minds to their limits.
  • Other Miscellany: Everybody blogging needs one of these, right? Where else will I fit anything i feel I need to type up, but can't be classified in the previous five categories?
With this entry complete, I feel the introduction to my blog to be fairly complete. I hope that as I use this to simplify neuroeducation for others, that they will not be hesitant for a moment to contact me with any questions. I will place these on my blog once I have time to figure out how, but please feel free to contact me:
I honestly do not prefer either the name Nathan or Nate; I use Nathan on the blog as the name "Nate Siler" is so close to "Nate Silver" (who is a world-renownded statistician) that for the sake of my blog, at least Nathan Siler does not cause Google to ask "did you mean Nate Silver?"

With all of that said, may the blogging begin! My plans, as they stand right now, are to start out and type up all the blogs I have thought about from contemplating taking this on for the last year or so. I hope to start out by sharing these at a pace of three or four per week. Then, as the end of this month approaches, I hope to tune it down to about one per week. Quality over quantity. The one question that I will certainly contemplate over this month, that if any of you have feedback for me is: NeuroNanos or Neuro Nanos? It's a big question, and your feedback would be valued.

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