Monday, January 2, 2017

Let 2017 be the Year of the Blog.

It has been a year since my friend and colleague, Joe Bower, passed away. A number of times when Joe and I would be having a conversation, he would discuss what a great dialogue he was having with others (often on the other side of the world) in the field of education by means of his blog, and it served as a catalyst to him in his continual growth as a teacher. In this last year I have many times thought about trying a blog, but could never quite refine it down to giving myself the initiative to begin. With Joe's passing being one year ago, I now know that since I still find myself realizing how knowledgeable Joe was in his field, likely due to his passion for his posts, that I want to take it on. One year from now I look forward to seeing where this blog takes my development both professionally, and personally.

The focus of this blog is that to bring neurology, the study of the brain, to be combined with education, notably in adolescents, as that is who I work with daily. What I hope to do is take the many articles of research, and dwindle them down into very abbreviated, abridged versions. I love reading through the recent finds in neurology that relate to education; it is these that I will do my best to give a condensed high-quality version of recent findings here so that you can be learning what is new in the realm of neuroeducation. I plan to call these short notes Nanos; why not use the Greek term for dwarf?

So in a nutshell, the purpose of this blog will hopefully be to create a site full of short, neurological dwarves that relate to education. The reason I hope to choose this path is I am an educator who has lived with a neurological disorder my entire life. Combine this with the fact that there are many areas of interest that I love reading small tidbits about, but don't have time to delve into great depths--I hope to give to all of you my small morsels of research in neuroeducation I come across.

Lastly, I hope this can be a place that people who are listing to me present can take refuge to if, for any reason, I don't have them fully engaged in what I am presenting on. With that said, let 2017, the test trial year for blogging, begin.

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