Wednesday, January 18, 2017

McGill: A great site to begin learning about the brain.

McGill University is one of the most distinguished universities in Canada, and creations such as this site are part of the reason why. McGill University has a website that is titled "The Brain from Top to Bottom," and in this website, you can honestly begin to explore learning about the brain at any level you wish; in the top corner you can choose for the content of the site to be "Basic," "Intermediate," or "Advanced." We know that optimal learning is done through association of concepts that we already understand; with a website like this you can truly begin to make associations at a neurological level that you find comfortable, and therefore, that allows you to learn optimally. If you are just beginning to find an interest in neurology, and are still sitting on the fence about reading a book, this site, notably the "Beginner" section, is a great place to begin to look at all the branches in the tree of neurology.

Having basic understanding of this brain is also key to being able to understand the disorders of the brain; if you want to look at beginning to understand some of the disorders, first we really need to have an idea of how it properly works. This like many people when they try to understand what is wrong with their vehicle, but don't have a full understanding of how the vehicle ordinarily works.

I hope you can find some interesting information in the site below:

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